Bioperl/Announce Blast module updated

Steve A. Chervitz sac@alberich.Stanford.EDU
Fri, 4 Sep 1998 03:50:20 -0700 (PDT)

Version 0.062 of my Blast module package is now available from either of 
these locations:

This is mainly a maintenance release which includes the following CHANGES:

  - Fixed bugs in Blast::_set_hits() which caused no hits to be
    saved when _parse_hsp_data() threw an exception.

  - Assorted documentation changes. This includes a fix in 
    the docs of that caused a compilation error
    when you try to use it without installing it via Makefile.PL.
    Most modules now have docs for data members in their PODs.

  - Added method strip_html() to (a more general
    version than that found in

  - Includes version 0.050 (formerly
    This version has Ewan Birney's modifications (start() and end()
    methods added; numbering() now deprecated).

  - By popular demand, Bio::Root::Object::src_obj() has been changed
    to the more intuitive parent(). All modules have been updated to
    incorporate this change.

Note for developers: I've also updated the CVS system at

Steve Chervitz

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