Bioperl/Announce [ANNOUNCE] MView 1.36: extract alignments from blast/fasta/other

Nigel Brown
Wed, 2 Sep 1998 17:06:58 +0100 (BST)

MView, release 1.36

MView is a free tool for converting the results of a sequence database
search into the form of a multiple alignment of hits stacked against the
query. For completeness, existing multiple alignments can be post-processed
in the same way. A typical application is the generation of a colorized Web
page from a BLAST or FASTA search allowing quick assessment of the hits in
terms of sequence conservation patterns alongside the scoring information.

Currently recognised input formats include: FASTA, TFASTX, BLASTP,
CLUSTAL, MaxHom/HSSP, but see the Web page for the most recent information.
Alternative output formats are also supported: plain text, Pearson/FASTA,
PIR, and MSF, for export to other programs.

MView allows filtering of the input by score, e-value thresholds, psi-blast
search cycle, etc., provides a choice of coloring schemes and palettes for
protein or nucleotide sequences, and can generate consensus patterns.

This software requires Perl (version 5) and runs on UNIX systems.

See for details and ftp/installation
instructions, and also the article: Brown, N.P., Leroy C., Sander
C. (1998). MView: A Web compatible database search or multiple alignment
viewer. Bioinformatics. 14(4):380-381.

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