[Biojava-l] losing meta-info after multiple sequence alignment

Scooter Willis HWillis at scripps.edu
Thu Oct 6 10:32:10 UTC 2011


As you can tell we need to improve the cookbook examples. Since you are
going through that process would welcome any contributions you can make.



On 10/6/11 4:07 AM, "Hannes Brandstätter-Müller" <biojava at hannes.oib.com>

>On Thu, Oct 6, 2011 at 09:32, Hannes Brandstätter-Müller
><biojava at hannes.oib.com> wrote:
>> Hi again!
>> What I ran into now is that most of the meta-information of a Sequence
>> seems to get lost during the MSA step.
>Okay, that was something caused by following another cookbook script
>(that, unfortunately, has absolutely no docs or comments) - I found
>the getOriginalSequence() method, can work with that. Thanks!
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