[Biojava-l] amino acid physico-chemical properties calculation project

Peter Troshin p.v.troshin at dundee.ac.uk
Wed Apr 27 13:49:54 UTC 2011

Dear students,

I would like to thank all of you for your interest in and enthusiasm for 
the amino acid physico-chemical properties calculation project 2011 
Google Summer of Code. Unfortunately, only one student has to be chosen 
and I am sorry if this happens not to be you.

This idea generated enormous interest and we have received a total of 18 
applications for this idea. Many of those are of good or very good 
quality. I worked with many of you during the application process, and 
was very impressed by the level of enthusiasm, energy, and capability I 
saw in the applications and our conversations on the mailing list.

It wasn't easy to choose the best applicant, but we had to do it.

A few general comments on the solutions for the short coding exercise.

1) Make sure you understand the task. About half of the application 
fails to stick to the specifications.

2) Only a few people used threads correctly. Among them only one person 
used java.concurrency package, which I expected everyone to use. I would 
recommend reading B.Goetz "Java Concurrency in Practice" if you want to 
learn more about multithreading in Java.

3) Do not overcomplicate the solution; good programmer would do just 
what he was asked to.

4) You can determine whether your solution worked correctly by 
processing the following input

aaabbbccc    bbcccalkfw
aaaabb    aaabbbcc
caaabbbccc    aaabbbccc
aaaaabbbbb    abbbbbccdddd
sjdhfjksdhfk    weiuriweiru
ddddrepeatrepeat    repeatrepeat

and comparing it to the output that should have been produced:


Thanks to everyone again, and I wish you all the best of luck with 
whatever endeavour you take on.


On 26/04/2011 07:33, Alexandru Paiu wrote:
>  Hi Peter .
>  I want to know what should I improve in the next gsoc . I wan't to
>  know what wasn't right for my application .
>  In my opinion I think that I did a good job with the solutions for
>  instability index and isoelectric point which are the hardest methods
>  . I even used the jay vyas suggestion with those hashtables .
>  Please , give me an advice
>  Best regards Paiu Alexandru

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