[Biojava-l] PDB parsing: Calculate absolute atom numbers of a chain.

Ashika Umanga Umagiliya aumanga at biggjapan.com
Wed Mar 4 10:13:35 UTC 2009

Greetings all,

 From a database; I retrieve PDB-id ,chainID and epitope positions.These 
epitope positions are calculated relative to its Chain.
I want to select these epitope positions (residues) in JMol.But in jmol 
the select query support only absolute residues numbers.

CHAIN L : residues 10,12,13,15 (relative to chain L)
But in PDB file (in JMOL) the values are 210,212,213,215 - this are what 
I want to calculate?

Anyway to calculate this?

Thanks in advance,

アシカ ウマンガ ウマギリヤ
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