[Biojava-l] summary biojava user meeting

Andreas Prlic andreas at sdsc.edu
Wed Jul 8 06:20:59 UTC 2009


Here a quick summary of the BioJava user meeting we had last week at the
BOSC conference:

The following people were present:

Mattias Piipari
Martijn Devisscher
Frederik Decouttere
Richard Holland
Andreas Prlic

The new modularized code base will allow for individual people to take over
responsibility of some of the sub-modules as well as the contribution of new
modules., which I both welcome greatly. As such it was great to have
Mattias, Martijn and Frederik there and  expressing their interest in this.

Mattias is interested in contributing a new module related to machine
learning. Martijn and Frederik are interested in providing a new GUI module
(seqpad). Due to this our discussions were mainly related to how to organize
the contribution of new modules and their maintainance:

* Before starting a new module the code should undergo public code review
* New modules need docu (wiki cookbook) and junit tests.
* A Module Maintainer (MM) is the main responsible for everything related to
the module.
* MM coordinates patches and other user contributions for the module
* MM can write papers related to the code in the module without having to
cite all of the other BioJava contributors.
* A MM volunteers to support the module for (at least) a year.
* All MMs will be listed by name on a wiki page in order to clarify


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