[Biojava-l] single letter code from protein ambiguities?

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Wed May 7 10:31:14 UTC 2008

Hi,I am just beginning to use biojava and I have a question concerning the
parsing of protein sequences containing ambiguities:Is it possible to get all
the possible amino acids at each position of the protein sequence with a
single letter code instead of the three letter code?Suppose I would translate
a DNA sequence containing an "N", so the protein translation would
also contain ambiguities:SymbolList symL =
DNATools.createDNA("atnatg");SymbolList symL2 =
DNATools.toProtein(symL);Iterator symIt =
hm;while (symIt.hasNext()) {    hm = (Symbol)
symIt.next();    System.out.println(hm.getName());}OUTOUT:[MET
ILE]METWould it be possible to ouput:MIMRegards,Daniel Struck
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