[Biojava-l] Problem with reversecomplement

abhinav abhi232 at cc.gatech.edu
Mon Sep 10 06:57:44 UTC 2007

hello all,
I am using the biojava library to get the reversecomplement of a 
sequence.The problem is I am not getting the required reverse complement.
I am converting an ab1 file into a trace and from that I am generating 
the sequence for the particular file.
Then I am applying the subsequence() method to get the subsequence and 
am applying the reversecomplement ()function on the particular 
subsequence so that the two sequences that I am getting using the blast 
shouls match up.But I am not getting the correct Reverse Complement.
Is there anything wrong with this approach?
Another thing is I am not able to set the ruler in the sequence panel to 
go from max to min.i.e from say 550 to 0.How do I go about it?
Thanks a lot in advance.

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