[Biojava-l] Help needed for a GUI

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General Plea -

Could someone add some examples of these to the biojava cook book in the 
wiki. I'm not really familiar with the GUI classes so I wouldn't be the 
best person to put up demo code.

- Mark

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On Monday 24 July 2006 03:16 pm, Dr. Christoph Gille wrote:
> >I am new to BioJava and am exploring its features. I am planning to 
> > a simple editor for alignments(something like a wordpad, but to handle
> > alignments).Does Biojava support this? Could someone please show me 
> > pointers for this?
> Using the classes /interfaces
> - MultiLineRenderer
> - FeatureRenderer
> - SequenceRenderer
> - SequencePanel
> - FeatureBlockSequenceRenderer
> one can easily display a gapped sequence with annotations.
> Perhaps one could place several SequencePanels over each other and put
> everything in one scroll-panel?

Better to put the alignment into a TranslatedSequencePanel, and populate 
panel with AlignmentRenderers, one per aligned sequence.  The 
AlignmentRenderer accepts a label that it uses to extract the "current" 
sequence from the alignment that the TranslatedSequencePanel has.  Below 
AlignmentRenderer are the MultiLineRenderers, etc.
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