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mark.schreiber at novartis.com mark.schreiber at novartis.com
Tue Feb 7 22:06:03 EST 2006

Dear BioJava users.

The biojava wiki website has been up for a few days at 
http://biojava.open-bio.org/wiki/Main_Page. Thanks to the amazing efforts 
of a few early volunteers almost all of the content of the old site has 
been transfered to the new page. 

I think that the best part is that now it is wiki based it will be much 
easier for the biojava community to contribute by adding new material 
updating old material and fixing mistakes as they find them. This should 
make the site much more up to date and informative than it has been in the 

We are currently lacking a logo. We have a few suggestions at 
http://biojava.open-bio.org/wiki/BioJava:Logo. If you are an artistic type 
we would love to see your contributions. If you more of a critic add your 
comments about what you like and don't like. After a couple of weeks we 
will decide (somehow) on something official. As I'm based in Singapore I 
cannot guarentee the selection process will be entirely transparent : )

Your contributions are welcome.

- Mark

Mark Schreiber
Research Investigator (Bioinformatics)

Novartis Institute for Tropical Diseases (NITD)
10 Biopolis Road
#05-01 Chromos
Singapore 138670

phone +65 6722 2973
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