[Biojava-l] chromatogram viewer

Russ Kepler russ at kepler-eng.com
Thu Apr 27 04:24:19 UTC 2006

On Wednesday 26 April 2006 05:22 pm, Heather Kent wrote:
> I'm wondering if anyone can help me locate some source code for swing
> components involved in viewing chromatograms, i read a 2003 forum from
> biojava where Rhett Sutphin mentioned he would make some source code for a
> chromatogram viewer (using the chromatogramgraphic class) available but i
> cant seem to find it anywhere....im trying to fashion some scroll bars for
> my chromatogram viewer that function to scroll through the image,  as well
> as vertically and horizontally scale the chromatgram....i have some code
> from an old viewer that will perform all these functions but doesnt use any
> of the biojava classes or swing components....

There's org.biojava.bio.gui.sequence.ABITraceRenderer with demo code in 

It should give you a start.

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