RE: [Biojava-l] topic about RestrictionEnzyme

george waldon gwaldon at
Thu May 12 12:04:28 EDT 2005

Oups! My mistake (and apologies) about the constructors and cutType.

Now, I must disagree with the overhangs. When the cut is not bluntended, it generates a little asymetrical overhang or piece of single stranded DNA which is designated by its location at the end 3' or 5' of the strand of DNA it belongs to.

e.g. 5' overhang:


and 3' overhang:


You can read the original article on BaeI from NEB

Sears LE, Zhou B, Aliotta JM, Morgan RD, Kong H. (1996) "BaeI, another unusual BcgI-like restriction endonuclease"
Nucleic Acids Res. 1996 Sep 15;24(18):3590-2

which states on page 3591 that BaeI generates 3' overhangs.

Get also a look at

which shows all this with nice pictures.


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