[Biojava-l] New look for BJIA

mark.schreiber at novartis.com mark.schreiber at novartis.com
Sun Jul 3 21:04:39 EDT 2005

The problem I have with the L&F of the BioJava site is that the 'side bar' 
appears to be hard coded into the pages. This was bad enough when I tried 
to update recently and had to change 8 pages. I wouldn't want to do all of 
BJIA as well. It appears server side includes are not enabled on 

You seem to be using the same code HTML generation (netbeans?).

One other design question....

Do people find the line numbers a help or a hinderance? On the up side you 
can say, line 8 has a bug in it but the big draw back is you cannot easily 
cut and paste the examples into your IDE or Emacs/Vi. Should I keep 
numbers or drop them?

- Mark

Sylvain Foisy <foisys at sympatico.ca>
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HI Mark,

How about the L&F of the Biojava site? I ported the french version some 
ago and I do have some of the english pages ported too. If there is a
volunteer to help me out, I could finish this by end of July.

Best regards 


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