[Biojava-l] biosql support in bioperl?

Michael Heuer heuermh at acm.org
Tue Jan 11 17:39:42 EST 2005

I'm afraid to ask this on the bioperl list for fear of getting flamed, but
I was always under the assumption that bioperl could read and write from a
biosql schema, like I have been doing with biojava for some time.

The bioperl HOWTO docs read


Support for the biosql protocol is disabled as of Bioperl version 1.4.
We hope to remedy this in a subsequent release.

and the module referred to in Bio::DB::Registry

'biosql' => 'Bio::DB::BioSQL::BioDatabaseAdaptor'

doesn't seem to exist at all.

Does any one know, do I need to use an earlier version, or am I missing
something obvious?

(please don't hurt me  :)


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