[Biojava-l] 3D viewing?

Egon Willighagen e.willighagen at science.ru.nl
Tue Jan 11 08:43:43 EST 2005

On Tuesday 11 January 2005 02:03 pm, Andreas Prlic wrote:
> Hi Egon!
> What would be the advantages of using a BioJavaModel Adapter ?
> * faster loading of structure into Jmol ?
> * fewer memory consumption of application ?

Yes, I think so, because one does not need to make a large String first (or a 
File if that is used as intermediate) for the PDB serialization...

> * if you rotate the structure in Jmol, the rotated coordinates are
> available through the biojava structure object ?
> how about performance of the Jmol display, would it be as fast?

The Jmol viewer still copies things into private data classes, so the 
rendering speed is identical.

Because of this copying, I'm now realizing that it might not get updated when 
the original data object is changed... so, it might not be that useful 


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