[Biojava-l] 3D viewing?

Andreas Prlic ap3 at sanger.ac.uk
Tue Jan 11 04:46:29 EST 2005

Hi Egon!

I am the person who contributed the biojava - structure classes. As it 
turns out I am a very happy Jmol user already for quite a while now!  

Using both Biojava and Jmol I am working on a 3D - DAS (distributed 
annotation system) client to visualize annotations of proteins in both 
sequence and structure.


To interact between Biojava and Jmol I use the Biojava code to create a 
PDB file and use this file as an input to Jmol.

Some docu how to incorporate Jmol into another application can be found 

> The website news mentions
> org.biojava.bio.structure for holding 3D coordinates (though it's 
> missing
> from the JavaDoc on the website),

As far as I know the JavaDoc relates to the last public release, which 
did not contain the structure classes.  Guess it is really time to make 
a new biojava release!



Andreas Prlic      Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute
                               Hinxton, Cambridge CB10 1SA, UK

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