[Biojava-l] SCF parser problem

Andy Yates ady at sanger.ac.uk
Thu Aug 25 10:55:04 EDT 2005

I also have encountered this problem before & this bug has not been 
fixed yet. I haven't had time to construct the relevant test packs for 
the distro. If you need the fix now then I can send you any src code you 

Andy Y

Zhao, Yongmei wrote:
> Hello,
> I parsed trace file by using the SCF parser in biojava-1.4 release, the
> output of the getTrace(AtomicSymbol nuc) method returned erroneous data,
> obviously, the data is overflow. I tested with few scf trace files and
> tried to compare the results (int[]) with the output from staden package
> io_lib, only first few sample data in the array are the same, the rest
> of the data from SCF parser does not make sense. I searched Biojava-dev
> archive, and saw a discussion talked about the bug in SCF parser, which
> was fixed and will lead to 1.4 release. I am wondering if the fix was
> included in 1.4 release or not?
> Thanks,
> Yongmei
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