[Biojava-l] biojava and Xcode

Koen van der Drift kvddrift at earthlink.net
Sat Nov 13 16:44:02 EST 2004

On Nov 13, 2004, at 3:13 PM, Thomas Down wrote:

>> To follow up on this, it's working now. The trick is to create an 
>> "Ant-based Application Jar" project in Xcode (1.5), and copy all the 
>> code from the src directory in biojava-1.4pre1 plus my own code into 
>> the project. I did have to comment out a couple of lines that start 
>> with assert to compile successfully, for instance
> Assert is a Java 1.4 language feature.  could you try opening the 
> Target settings, looking at the "Java Compiler Settings" panel, and 
> checking that "Source Version" is set to 1.4.  Default seems to be 
> "Unspecified".  I've not tried building BioJava in Xcode (I'm an 
> eclipse user myself), but this seems like the most likely problem.

That setting is unavailable when I use a "Ant-based Application Jar" 
project. When I switch to a "Java Tool" project, I do see that setting, 
but changing it to 1.4 doesn't solve the problem. However, I don't 
think that it is that big of a problem, so I will just leave the few 
instances of assert commented out.


- Koen.

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