[Biojava-l] SequencePoster <-> SequencePanel

Maximilian Haeussler max_dipl at web.de
Thu May 13 09:17:38 EDT 2004

>> still searching for something similar to SequencePanel that does not 
>> throw exceptions in a JScrollPane...while doing this, I stumbled upon 
>> SequencePoster. Hum...the javadoc for both looks very very similar, 
>> if not identical... can someone give me a hint on the difference 
>> between SequencePanel and SequencePoster?
>> This question sounds rather stupid, but doing a diff on both didn't 
>> really help, and I don't really know where to search. And in the 
>> demos-dir, there are EmblViewer and BeadDemo but they look really 
>> pretty similar...
> Could you please try out the code in CVS, and see if it helps, 
> hopefully you wont see any more IndexOutOfBoundsExceptions.

(sorry for writing so late, I accidently deleted my hdd)
COOL! :-0 Great! Thanks a lot, really! You fixed my biggest problem with 
these classes !!!

[I'm still getting out-of-bounds exceptions though, but not from the 
SequencePanel anymore, and these were the biggest nuisance...]


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