[Biojava-l] Intsall Problems

Orion Hunter orion2480 at hotmail.com
Fri Feb 27 15:39:21 EST 2004

I am trying to install biojava.  I d/l biojava1.3.1, unziped and untarred 
it.  I installed ANT, but I am confused.  It specifies to execute ANT from 
the "biojava-live" directory, but I cannot find this directory, nor any 
build.xml files anywhere.

So, then I try to download the jar file.  I download all three required 
files (biojava.jar, bytecode.jar, and xerces.jar).  I add them to my 
classpath (and have confirmed that the classpath is correct and is 
remembered by the machine in my env).

So, with a set of jars, I decided to try out the demo.  Following the 
instructions on the website (in the "getting started" section), I cd to the 
demos/, and type the following:

/home/user/biojava/>javac seq/TestEmbl.java

I get a whole slew of errors, of which all look like they have to do with 
the fact that it can't find the packages in org.biojava.bio, etc.  Now, I 
can see this package structure in

/home/user/biojava/main/org/biojava/bio, etc.

And I was trying to execute from /home/user/biojava/demos

So, why can't it find the packages?  I'm not new to java, but it's been a 
long time since I've had to deal with packages, and I can't recall how to 
make biojava see where the packages are located.  Any suggestions?

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