[Biojava-l] reading sequences from xml files...

Jan Würthner jan.wuerthner at uni-duesseldorf.de
Mon Sep 8 07:35:49 EDT 2003

Am Monday 08 September 2003 11:40 schrieb Matthew Pocock:
>> [...]
> What do you do at the moment? Do you have your own
> parsers, or do you use somebody elses?

I have written an XML parser (Handler) for NCBI's blast output, constructing 
SeqSimilaritySearchResult instances by hand. I first tried to use the 
BlastXMLParser, but run into trouble dealing with the dtds. The documentation 
of the BlastXMLParser suggests to modify the ncbi xml documents, but I wanted 
to parse the inputstream.

Is there a place where people can upload/download new parsers?


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