[Biojava-l] ontology exception, addSequence & BioSQLSequenceDB

Len Trigg len at reeltwo.com
Tue Oct 14 17:37:38 EDT 2003

Matthew Pocock wrote:
> The version in CVS works for me. I had to do some work to the 
> OntologySQL class, and modify the biosql schema (which I've attached). 

Can you include some tests for correct ontology persistence into the
DB tests I wrote?

> BioSQL People - could you check the single table I've added 
> (term_relationship_term) and see if it's sane for folding back into the 
> trunk of biosql development?

I'm no expert, but it looks fine to me. Does Hilmar read this list?

Is this code in any way optional? It looks to me like this will break
compatibility with existing BioSQL databases. (I'd test it, but
biojava cvs is broken at the moment).


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