[Biojava-l] EMBL full genome retrieval

Gasper Tkacik gtkacik at Princeton.EDU
Fri Oct 10 10:00:16 EDT 2003

Hi everybody!

I am new to biojava, so this may be a trivial question from a beginner. 
Using the following code snippet:

public static void main(String args[])
           Registry reg = SystemRegistry.instance();
           SequenceDBLite sdb = reg.getDatabase("embl");
           Sequence ecoli = sdb.getSequence("U00096");
           SeqIOTools.writeEmbl(System.out, ecoli);
                 } catch (Exception e)

I wanted to get the whole E.coli genome from EMBL database. However, it 
turns out that I get only the first out of 400 segments of the DNA. I 
tried to search the web foradvice but could find nothing useful. Any 
help or at least a reference to where I should look?

Thank you all in advance, Gasper.

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