[Biojava-l] code changes to embl parser

Thomas Down td2 at sanger.ac.uk
Mon Nov 24 10:10:24 EST 2003

On Mon, Nov 24, 2003 at 02:48:43PM +0000, Lorna Morris wrote:
> I'm trying to submit some biojava files I've changed to the mailing list 
> but I get this message: 
> -----------
> Your mail to 'Biojava-l' with the subject
>    EmblFileFormer
> Is being held until the list moderator can review it for approval.
> The reason it is being held:
>    Message has a suspicious header
> ------------
> I'm sending them as 6 separate java attachments. Should I send the code 
> changes in a different way to avoid getting this message? Thanks,

Hi Lorna,

I'm afraid that all messages with attachments are currently being
held by the mailing list software -- it was introduced as a
(rather draconian) anti spam/virus measure.  We've now got some
better filtering software on the mailing list, so I think the
no-attachments rule should probably be removed.

But in the mean time, the best solution would be either to put
your changes on a website somewhere and post a link, or just include
them in the body of a message.

Sorry about that,


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