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Matthew Pocock matthew_pocock at yahoo.co.uk
Thu Mar 27 15:55:24 EST 2003

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Hi Philip,

We don't support JADE - that was writen by "other
people" (TM). There is a biojava acedb client in a
seperate CVS package from biojava. There is so little
call for ACeDB stuff now that it kind of got forgotten
about. You can get a complete source tree if you click
on the 'download tarball' link from here:


To make it compile, delete the directory
src/org/acedb/seq and then use ant from the project
root directory. Ant can be obtained from 


Best of luck. If you get stuck, mail me personaly and
I will send you a pre-built jar I happen to have lying


 --- Philip MacMenamin <pm66 at nyu.edu> wrote: > Good
> General question here, 
> I have been looking at JADE as a way to talk to
> ACeDB, and I can't seem to 
> find parts of it. For instance jade2ace does not
> seem to have come with my 
> ACeDB. JADE just generally seems to be poorly
> supported to me. 
> However, I would be glad to be contradicted on this
> point. Is anyone using it?
> Else, does anyone else talk to ACeDBs using Java? I
> noticed that it is 
> explicitly mentioned on the biojava.org site. The
> thing is I can not seem to 
> locate the libraries to do this in bioJava. 
> Any advice is appreciated!
> -- 
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> Center for Comparative Functional Genomics
> NYU Department of Biology
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> email: pm66 at nyu.edu
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