[Biojava-l] SeqIOTools.writeFasta method using Sequence object

Takeshi Sasayama sasayama at lmi.hitachi-sk.co.jp
Tue Mar 18 12:51:43 EST 2003

Hi Mark and Matthew,

Thank you very much for your replies on this question and my previous
question. I could do my job successfully using biojava1.3pre1.

By the way, I have been wondering why the name of the cookbook page is
"BioJava in Anger". Is there any reason for that?

Takeshi Sasayama

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Hi -

That method is a recent addition to BioJava, you will need to get
biojava1.3pre1 from the download site or BioJava live from the CVS

- Mark

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> Subject: [Biojava-l] SeqIOTools.writeFasta method using
> Sequence object
> Hi,
> I wrote a script(using BioJava 1.22) which reads sequences
> from multiple GenBank format files and write part of them in
> FASTA format, using
> SeqIOTools.writeFasta() method. In "BioJava In Anger", it is
> written that writeFasta can be used for printing a single
> sequence like this: writeFasta(System.out, seq1), but I had
> an err in this way. I looked for JavaDoc and Biojava src
> files but there seems to be no signature using Sequence
> object as 2nd argument.
> Does anyone have suggestion on this?
> Also any information is welcome.
> Thanks
> Takeshi Sasayama
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