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IBC Life Sciences Presents
Protein Discovery & Engineering

When: March 24-27, 2003
Where: San Francisco, CA, USA

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IBC's Protein Discovery & Engineering event will bring together the
technologies and tools enabling research in these 2 critical areas for a
4-day, 2-conference
forum featuring:

Protein Discovery Technologies: Directed Evolution
Monday - Tuesday, March 24 - 25, 2003
Take a look at phage, yeast, ribosome and other technologies that enable
the engineering and discovery of proteins, and implement evolutionary
algorithms of
mutation and selection to obtain new functional features.

     Evolving enzymes and functional peptides
     Protein-protein interactions
     Construction of libraries from new scaffolds
     Expression and folding of proteins from combinatorial libraries

Engineered Protein Expression: The Latest Tools
Wednesday - Thursday, March 26 - 27, 2003
Learn about the latest innovative advances occurring in protein expression
for discovery purposes -- engineered expression hosts, the expression of
members of protein families, structural protein elements, membrane and
signaling proteins as well as post-translational modifications and
associated purification

     in vivo expression
     in vitro protein expression
     Expressing membrane associated proteins
     Expression systems and applications

This combined event unites renowned scientists and researchers from
disciplines including display technologies, molecular biology, cell
biology, biochemistry,
chemistry, target validation, protein engineering, protein expression,
chemical engineering, drug discovery and proteomics. Join these industry
leaders as they share
their discoveries and new research initiatives at this 4-day combined
event. Register Today!

To review the complete program and to register online, please visit

IBC's Protein Discovery & Engineering Web site at:


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