[Biojava-l] hello

Thomas Down thomas at derkholm.net
Mon Aug 25 14:30:12 EDT 2003

Once upon a time, martin gomez wrote:
> hi everyone,
> i'm new here and i've been lurking around for some time now. i was wondering
> if there have been any applets created out there that uses biojava. also, is
> there a list of biojava apps somewhere? i've been to
> http://www.biojava.org/docs/demos/ and i'm not too sure about how things are
> presented. :) speaking of which, the last two links do not work. ;-)


I don't know of any list of biojava applications.  It might
be worth starting one (the Wiki on the BioJava website would
probably be a good place).  Note, however, that a large
proportion of code written with BioJava are either purely
research software, or developed for internal use at biotech
companies.  Either way, a lot of it isn't going to see the
light of day publically.

The demos section on the website is woefully out of date.
If you want to see a more complete (although still rather
limited) set of demos, you'll do better downloading the
BioJava source distribution.  You can get the current stable
release (1.30) from:


Or the latest, greatest, development snapshot from:


Other useful links:


And feel free to ask any questions on this mailing list.


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