[Biojava-l] GO web service

Dickson, Mike mdickson@netgenics.com
Tue, 3 Sep 2002 03:05:35 -0400

I didn't take it as a snipe.  I simply wanted to point out that there have
been successful examples of the top down consensus driven approach (the gene
expression standards work is a very good example). The OMG brings a mature,
consensus driven adoption process and where appropriate it should be


> > > The "official" OMG way to do this is via UML and some buzz word about
> > > technology free modelling, but there is still a massive tendancy for
> > > top-down-design-by-committee, which I think just doesn't work, and
> frankly
> > > the Biojava/BioPerl data model (which are reasonably in sync, give or
> take
> > > the odd split location thang) is a fine way to start, and the usual
> > > "propose idea on list, and whoever codes it wins the argument" is a
> far
> > > better resolving procedure than committees
> >
> > I'm not going to get into this one other than to say that this is
> clearly an
> > opinion and it doesn't represent everyone's position (not mine at
> least).
> > For the record, I'm on the board of directors of the OMG.
> Apologies Mike - that was not meant as a low snipe. I do have a more
> serious point which the "working code, open discussion and progressive
> refactoring" which is how the Bio* projects work is bascially
> ExtremeProgramming in a geographically distributed way, and I think gives
> the best results. Of course, YMMV.