[Biojava-l] adding toSequenceIterator method for Alignment

Singh, Nimesh Nimesh.Singh@maxygen.com
Wed, 17 Jul 2002 11:22:37 -0700

>Would this method return an iterator over each sequence in the
>alignment? Sounds usefull to me. I have always taken an iterator over
>the labels and fetched each sequence from the alignment by each of these
Yeah, it's meant to simplify that process.  It would return an instance of a biojava SequenceIterator.

>One issue - alignments are defined as being over symbol lists, not
>sequences. Does this break things?

I was planning on creating instances of SimpleSequences, with the label as the name and urn.  I don't think any other properties are strictly necessary.  Since Sequence extends SymbolList, all of the methods that should be called will be available.