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Patrick McConnell MCCon012@mc.duke.edu
Fri, 30 Aug 2002 16:14:18 -0400

>WooHa!  I think I learned my lesson from the last go round like Ewan.  I'm
>not touching this with a ten foot pole.

Could you explain a bit about why so that we can get an idea about what we
are getting into?  I'd hate to start down a path that led nowhere.

Thanks : - )


"Dickson, Mike" <mdickson@netgenics.com> on 08/30/2002 04:10:32 PM

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WooHa!  I think I learned my lesson from the last go round like Ewan.  I'm
not touching this with a ten foot pole.

BTW, I have experience building commercial systems with both CORBA and Web
Services.  I will simply say that arguing about protocols is a waste of
time.  They're both just tools.


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> Web services are not good for object-oriented distributed systems because
> web services do not describe behavior well, they describe data well.
> is terrible with data because it doesn't interoperate with other systems.
> You can build the most beatiful, elegent RMI based system in Java, and I
> will never be able to access that functionality from my .NET client, or
> perl client, or my LISP client, or my whatever.  For many, this is fine
> because they are working within a single business and have control over
> both the client and the server.  This isn't the case in bioinformatics,
> were cross-organizational collaboration is a necessity.
> I think very few bioinformaticians are interested in sophisticated
> distributed systems.  Instead, they just want to be able to get at data
> and
> tools easily.  I think Web services will do that for them better than any
> CORBA based technology.  Am I wrong here?
> I have heard the argument before, and I still don't buy that web services
> is just CGI done a tiny bit better.  CGI and web services have quite
> similar qualities and uses, but the ability to strongly type data in XML
> and to dynamically discover operations/data types makes web services
> a bit better.  Both of these are keys to successfully building flows of
> services, which is were I think web services really transcend all
> technologies.  Now, if we could just get a flow implementation from a
> major
> vendor, we could start building complex tools from simple web services
> really start using the power of web services : - )
> -Patrick
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> Ewan Birney wrote:
> > I remember all these discussions from those great CORBA days. Boy am I
> > staying away from this for the moment... (too scared frankly!)
> >
> I don't blame ya...
> I don't want to be negative (it's not useful), but I suspect not
> everyone out there is too experienced at building distributed computer
> systems.  My concern is that this (and other) talk about Web Services
> may leave lots of people with the impression that Web Services are
> something they're not.
> Two things people need to know:
> 1) Building great distributed computer systems is hard.
> 2) If you're gonna do it, CORBA/J2EE over IIOP/RMI/RMI over IIOP are
> orders of magnitude more useful than Web Services over http - assuming
> you want to build a distributet, object-orientated (and possible
> Enterprise-class) computer systems.
> Right now, Web Services is nothing more than CGI done a tiny bit
> better.  That's fine if all you want to do is run Blast (in fact, Web
> Services is really good things like that).  But they're not good if you
> want to build an even slightly sophisticated distributed computer
> system.
> I truly don't understand the excitement about Web Services -
> pleeeaaaasssee no-one say they're really good for tunelling through
> firewalls, I can't be doin' with that old chestnut ;-)
> Ho hum... just my two cents etc...
> Simon
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