[Biojava-l] Guidance Needed

Shivdeep shivdeepk@sprinttech.com
Wed, 28 Aug 2002 13:16:20 +0530


I am an IT professional with in-depth experience in JAVA. I have worked with 
C,C++,Python,Jython and the like. I am very much interested in the area of 
Biotechnology. I had Biology at my school level and Chemistry at my college 
level. But those were just basics. I would like to learn these subjects so 
that I can combine my IT expertise with them. Being ignorant of this field, I 
am lost. Please tell me if it is possible for me to enter this field, if what 
should I learn and how do I do it(The place where I live has no institutes 
offering courses, so my only aid is the Internet). I have gone through many 
sites, they are vast and I am confused. Please guide me. Once up and running 
in Biotech, I would like to contribute to the Opensource initiatives too. 
Sorry for this off-the-topic request.

Thanks in Advance,
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