[Biojava-l] Reading/ writing GAME

David Huen smh1008@cus.cam.ac.uk
Fri, 26 Apr 2002 06:49:50 +0100

On Friday 26 Apr 2002 5:57 am, Schreiber, Mark wrote:
> Hi -
> What is the proceedure for building and or writing a biojava object with
> GAME? Particularly what should the SeqIOListener be?
The current GAME code is a read-only implementation at this stage.

The other problem is that GAME itself went thru' some changes later last 
year that involve coordinate systems.  The version here in Biojava is based 
on an interpretation of version 1.001 which uses a origin zero system and 
gives the appearance of inclusive start/exclusive end coordinates.  The 
currently used version by BDGP is 1.2 and this uses a origin 1 system with 
conventional semantics. There isn't much by way of specs for GAME and what 
there is applies to GAME 1.001 only.  The current read-only code was 
targetted at a subset of GAME and the interpretation based around the files 
released from the BDGP at that time (but will break on the current 
version).  I have an internal version targetted at the current version but 
it creates a SQL DB instead.  Does anyone else other than BDGP use it?

David Huen