[Biojava-l] small change to changeable, big change to lots of files

Keith James kdj@sanger.ac.uk
24 Apr 2002 21:57:15 +0100

>>>>> "Matthew" == Matthew Pocock <matthew_pocock@yahoo.co.uk> writes:


    Matthew> I am going to check the isUnchangeable code-base in this
    Matthew> evening. Many many files are touched, so I would be very
    Matthew> supprised if all old applications ran without a glitch
    Matthew> against the new code-base without modification. Please
    Matthew> send the list bug reports if you experience problems.

I guess you checked in without running 'ant runtests' as there are
roughly 140 (yes, really) tests failing.

Most of the problem seems to be the ChangeSupport constructors
chaining through with a hard-coded null value for a Set which gets
passed to the HashSet constructor. I've replaced this with
Collections.EMPTY_SET for now and there are 7 tests still failing,
mostly in feature projection.

Beer owed! ;)

These are cool improvements, by the way.


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