[Biojava-l] A little more tutorial

Thomas Down td2@sanger.ac.uk
Wed, 3 Jan 2001 13:26:42 +0000

I've just uploaded another tutorial section to the website --
follow the `Tutorials' link from the menu on the home page.

This section covers the aims and basic operation of the new
Sequence I/O framework.  It still needs a little more work,
but hopefully someone will find it helpful.  I'm also working
on a second section, covering the `guts' of the framework
(SeqIOListener, SymbolParser, etc) -- that should be available
in the next few days.

Happy hacking (or documenting!),

``If I was going to carry a large axe on my back to a diplomatic
function I think I'd want it glittery too.''
           -- Terry Pratchett