[Biojava-l] Java implementation of Net-BLAST

Jean-Marie Buerstedde buersted@genetics.hpi.uni-hamburg.de
Wed, 22 Aug 2001 13:45:38 +0200

I am interested to implement something similar to the Netblast program
of GCG using JAVA. The program would take a sequence and other
parameters, send this to NCBI, and get the BLAST report back. I think
this would be quite useful for a number of laboratories.
This program would also complement the sequencing and sequence analysis
software called FOUNTAIN
(http://genetics.hpi.uni-hamburg.de/FOUNTAIN.html) which we are
Does anything like this exists allready in JAVA?

Many thanks for help or suggestions, 
Jean-Marie Buerstedde
Martinistr. 52
D-20251 Hamburg, Germany
Tel: 49 40 48051 290
Fax: 49 40 48051 296