[Biojava-l] Preparation for a 1.1 release?

Chris Dagdigian dag@sonsorol.org
Fri, 08 Dec 2000 14:25:32 -0500

This sort of thing is exactly why we need to get together in person more 
often...so that the non 'sexy' part of our projects get some attention and 
work. It is amazing what locking people & laptops together in a room with 
beer and pizza will do.

We are still trying internally to sort out the costs and logistics of 
having a 'bootcamp' style gathering where we can all get together for 
planning, coding and documentation work.

If the bootcamp idea fails to happen for financial or other reasons then I 
would urge all of you to start marking the dates of ISMB'2001 (in 
Copenhagen) on your calendars...it is looking more and more likely that we 
may be able to arrange for a room of network-connected computers to be 
provided for us in the days before (and after?) the ISMB conference is 
officially scheduled to begin.


At 11:04 AM 12/8/00 -0800, you wrote:
>Thomas Down wrote:
> > Short of locking all the developers in a small room with just
> > a text editor and javadoc, the best way to improve documentation
> > is for new users not to suffer in silence.  Any questions, PLEASE
> > send them to the mailing list (even if they're just small details).
> > You'll get an answer, and it should feed back into improved
> > documentation.
> >
>We're facing a similar situation on the Bioperl side. I'm still
>convinced that users of the package are in a better position than the
>developers to add *useful* documentation, especially tutorial-like docs,
>because the developers are too intimate with their stuff (let an
>architect describe his new-art apartment house, and a familiy that tried
>to live their for a week: which description do you think is going to be
>more useful for a potential buyer?).
>So, I'd rather lock in all those who claimed in the past to have used
>the package ;-))
>         Hilmar