[Biojava-l] online computational biology courses

Matt Harrington mbharrin@yahoo.com
Mon, 10 Apr 2000 11:30:04 -0700

i recently came across 2 online computational biology courses being 
given at Stanford:


MIS214 Representations and Algorithms for Computational Molecular Biology


BIOC218 Computational Molecular Biology

I've started to take the former, taught by Russ Altman, and it looks 
quite good.  These are actual courses given at Stanford, not 
watered-down for the web.  Students use Windows Media Player to watch 
streaming video and lecture notes are automatically queued up on a 
browser.  It works well if you have a 128kbps pipe.  You can view the 
lectures at your leisure.

There is a fee if you want to receive credit for the course, and 
perhaps even if you want to audit it, but nobody has stopped me from 
viewing the material yet.