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On Wednesday, December 18, 2002, at 12:21  PM, Eugen Leitl wrote:

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> Subject: [Bioinformatics] iPod and A/G BLAST
> There's an interesting article at:
>  http://www.apple.com/pro/science/gilbert/
> It's about the guy who used his iPod to transfer the genome between
> machines.  I know, we all thought "boring, that's what gigabit
> ethernet is for".  But he goes on to talk about some work he did with
> the Apple/Genentech port of BLAST to the G4 PowerMac.  It uses the
> Altivec vector coprocessor and he sounded tickled with his results:
>   "I got to thinking," Gilbert says, "I wonder if that linearity
>   continues. What if I cranked this thing up to word sizes of 200?
>   That would certainly save the day. So I hopped on my Mac, pulled
>   down the A/G Blast, spent about an hour indexing the genome a
>   different way. And I said `This is either going to work or not going
>   to work.' I tested a word size of 250 for my first shot. The test
>   was done in two minutes, much to my disbelief. So I said, `Well,
>   that must not have worked,' Yet when I examined the output, A/G
>   BLAST had indeed found the right hunk of DNA. Things started getting
>   very exciting at that point."
>   Gilbert then slowly brought the word size down to make sure he
>   wasn't losing any sensitivity.  "A/G BLAST found the same gene
>   region. Whether I used a smaller word size or a larger word size, I
>   would find the same piece of DNA. That was very encouraging. And
>   just for giggles, I cranked it way up, too. I think at one point I
>   got A/G BLAST to run a test in 19 seconds, which is just beyond
>   belief."
> I, of course, am interested because he used Perl :-)
> Nat
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