[MOBY-guts] biomoby commit

Eddie Kawas kawas at dev.open-bio.org
Thu Mar 20 17:35:43 UTC 2008

Thu Mar 20 13:35:42 EDT 2008
Update of /home/repository/moby/moby-live/Perl/MOBY-Server/lib
In directory dev.open-bio.org:/tmp/cvs-serv30839/Perl/MOBY-Server/lib

Removed Files:
Log Message:
found 2 MOBY.pm modules. cpan ignored the correct one and indexed the wrong one ...
moby-live/Perl/MOBY-Server/lib MOBY.pm,1.2,NONE
rcsdiff: /home/repository/moby/moby-live/Perl/MOBY-Server/lib/RCS/MOBY.pm,v: No such file or directory

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