[MOBY-guts] biomoby commit

Lonny Montoya lxm at dev.open-bio.org
Mon Jun 19 17:55:04 UTC 2006

Mon Jun 19 13:55:04 EDT 2006
Update of /home/repository/moby/s-moby/dserver/src/org/semanticmoby/dserver
In directory dev.open-bio.org:/tmp/cvs-serv29898/dserver/src/org/semanticmoby/dserver

Modified Files:
Log Message:
changes to the logging system to fix a bug where duplicate text logs were
being put in the current dir, in addition to the html logs intended

Also, changed the static init method to be called only if the log is used,
so that that the Log class is not initialized prior to the call to 
start the html log,

this should prevent the default html log from being created (but never
written to) in the case where the log name is specified in the initializtion
of Log

s-moby/dserver/src/org/semanticmoby/dserver InitServlet.java,1.2,1.3

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