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+2005-09-21  Martin Senger  <martin.senger at gmail.com>
+	* Fixed build.xml not to produce javadoc warnings with Java 1.5 in
+	Eclipse.
 2005-09-20  Martin Senger  <martin.senger at gmail.com>
 	* Fixed CentralDigestImpl - it shows now correct service type

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 give it directory where is javadoc, e.g. <tt>c:\Program
 Files\Java\jdk1.5.0_05\bin</tt>. <p>
+<h3>Running jMoby command-line scripts</h3>
+jMoby has a few scripts that can be invoked from a command-line with
+number of arguments. From the Eclipse point of view, they are the same
+as any other external tools. Perhaps the only difference is that they
+must be first copied from their source directory (<tt>src/config</tt>)
+to their destination place (<tt>build/run</tt>). The copying is not
+used because it matters where they are invoked from, but because they
+are not only copied but also updated. That's why - before you use them
+- you need (at least once) to run a jMoby Ant's task <b
+class="step">compile</b> or <b class="step">config</b>. Eclipse own
+compilation (called <em>building</em>) is not enough, it does not copy
+the scripts. <p>
+Once you have them in <tt>build/run</tt> you can run them from Eclipse
+(as always with external scripts, you type more the first time you use
+a script, but Eclipse remembers it and the next time you will see
+already your script name in a menu): <b class="step">Run -&gt;
+External Tools -&gt; External Tools -&gt; Program -&gt; New</b>. Name
+it (e.g. <tt>run-cmdline-client</tt>), and <b class="step">Location
+-&gt; Browse Workspace</b> to select it (in our example find and
+select <tt>build/run/run-cmdline-client.bat</tt>). Most of these
+scripts have an option <tt>-help</tt> - so put it in <b
+class="step">Arguments</b> - and change it each time you wish to
+invoke them with different arguments. <p>
 The project name now should have attached the CVS location. If not you
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 <address><A HREF="mailto:martin.senger at gmail.com">Martin Senger</A><BR></address>
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