[MOBY-guts] biomoby commit

Sebastien Carrere carrere at pub.open-bio.org
Thu Sep 8 13:51:06 UTC 2005

Thu Sep  8 09:51:06 EDT 2005
Update of /home/repository/moby/moby-live/Perl/MOBY
In directory pub.open-bio.org:/tmp/cvs-serv16419

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This module contains many of CommonSubs methods but doesn't use XML::DOM to parse MOBY message.
It uses a first pass xsl transformation (with xsltproc and ./xsl/parseMobyMessage.xsl as a style-sheet) and then build Perl structure upon this parsing.
This module has been tested on a 10Mb MOBY message and it's OK.
3 Globals Variable have to be edited before use.

moby-live/Perl/MOBY MOBYXSLT.pm,NONE,1.1

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