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Martin Senger senger at pub.open-bio.org
Tue Jul 19 13:16:53 UTC 2005

Tue Jul 19 09:16:53 EDT 2005
Update of /home/repository/moby/moby-live/Java/lib
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moby-live/Java/lib README,1.4,1.5
RCS file: /home/repository/moby/moby-live/Java/lib/README,v
retrieving revision 1.4
retrieving revision 1.5
diff -u -r1.4 -r1.5
--- /home/repository/moby/moby-live/Java/lib/README	2003/11/08 00:27:24	1.4
+++ /home/repository/moby/moby-live/Java/lib/README	2005/07/19 13:16:53	1.5
@@ -1,7 +1,7 @@
 Comments to the biomoby mailing lists, or directly to Martin Senger
-(senger at ebi.ac.uk).
+(martin.senger at gmail.com).
@@ -10,7 +10,7 @@
 separate subdirectory) can be fetched automatically from a remote
 site. This is usually done by calling build.sh (which uses ant's
 target 'gather' to do it). The remote site that is used is defined in
-the build.xml.
+the xmls/libraries.xml.
 You are, of course, free to fetch them manually in any convenient time
 and from any convenient site. Doing that may be even more correct way
@@ -24,26 +24,3 @@
 build-dev.bat) (instead of build.sh or build.bat). Of course, time to
 time it is worth to use the build.sh (build.bat) script again to make
 sure that you have the latest versions of all fetched files.
-* alltools.jar
-  A set of various tools and utilities.
-  Sources and documentation are available from
-  http://industry.ebi.ac.uk/~senger/tools/
-* xerces*.jar, xml*.jar.
-  Library for SAX/DOM parser. They come from Apache Xerces-2.3.0.
-* axis-ant.jar, commons-discovery.jar, commons-logging.jar, jaxrpc.jar
-  wsdl4j.jar, axis.jar, log4j-1.2.4.jar, saaj.jar.
-  Libraries from the Apache Axis project (a toolkit for the SOAP protocol).
-* servlet.jar, activation.jar
-  Libraries dealing with servlets. They come from Apache Tomcat project.
-* jena.jar, adenine.jar
-  Libraries from 'haystack' (IBM) for producing RDF files.
-  They can be fetched from here:
-     http://www.ai.mit.edu/people/dquan/adenine.jar
-     http://www.ai.mit.edu/people/dquan/jena.jar

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