[MOBY-guts] biomoby commit

Lixin Shen lixin at pub.open-bio.org
Tue Aug 30 18:34:11 UTC 2005

Tue Aug 30 14:34:11 EDT 2005
Update of /home/repository/moby/moby-live/Java/src/main/org/biomoby/shared/schema
In directory pub.open-bio.org:/tmp/cvs-serv24382/org/biomoby/shared/schema

Added Files:
	Frame.java RdfParser.java PrimitiveVector.java 
	GenericWindowListener.java MElementHashtable.java MainGUI.java 
	MElement.java Builder.java README 
Log Message:
Adding the schema generator to the cvs. Note that the schemas produced are not 100% correct. The schemas that are incorrect result when a moby datatype has subelements that are the same datatype in both a has and hasa relationship. i.e. has String and hasa String. If you can fix this, please do!

moby-live/Java/src/main/org/biomoby/shared/schema Frame.java,NONE,1.1 RdfParser.java,NONE,1.1 PrimitiveVector.java,NONE,1.1 GenericWindowListener.java,NONE,1.1 MElementHashtable.java,NONE,1.1 MainGUI.java,NONE,1.1 MElement.java,NONE,1.1 Builder.java,NONE,1.1 README,NONE,1.1

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