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searching data paths and more, see docs/ChangeLog

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@@ -21,14 +21,18 @@
 world and perhaps to find new and unexpected pathes, or simply to find
 unconnected orphans.<p>
+It also creates workflow definitions that can be loaded into <a
+href="http://taverna.sf.net">Taverna</a> (a workflow engine and a GUI
+workbench around it).<p>
 The <em>BioMoby Graphs</em> are available:
-  <li> As an <a href="graphs">experimental
-       interactive service</a> (implemented as a Java servlet).<p>
+  <li> As an <a href="graphs">interactive service</a> (implemented as
+       a Java servlet).<p>
   <li> The graphs can be also created from the command-line provided that
        you have a popular <a href="http://www.research.att.com/sw/tools/graphviz/">Graphviz</a>
@@ -81,7 +85,11 @@
        but also scalable vector graphics and RDF)
   <li> possibility to display only some services and some authorities, or to decide
        to display only limited neighbourhood
-  <li> possibility to display only pathes between two services
+  <li> possibility to display only pathes between two selected services
+  <li> <img border=0 align="left" src="images/new.gif"/>
+       possibility to display only pathes between two selected data types
+  <li> <img border=0 align="left" src="images/new.gif"/>
+       possibility to create workflow definitions for selected paths
   <li> caching created graphs for faster access...
   <li> ...but in the same time allowing to refresh the cache anytime so you can see
        immediate changes in a registry
@@ -105,15 +113,8 @@
   <li> More robust dealing with the complex data types, such as
        collections of elements of different types, or services
        connected with more than one data input/output.
-  <li> Showing the graphs in an IDE, such as Haystack from IBM (we are
-       close to have it done but we are not yet there).
-  <li> Add an option to limit views in order to skip connections between
-       simple and collection data types (because they may not be always
-       implemented by the service providers).
   <li> Add an option to "show only" or "do not show at all" the orphan
-  <li> Add a better support for saving graphs into local files.
-  <li> Add a graph showing pathes from input data-type to output data-type.
   <li> And there is a <a href="buglist.html">Bug List</a> to work on...
@@ -128,7 +129,7 @@
 <div align=right><font size=-2>
 Suggestions, comments, and bug reports to: <address><A HREF="mailto:senger at ebi.ac.uk">Martin Senger</A><BR></address>
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