[MOBY-guts] MOBY status

Ken Steube steube at sdsc.edu
Mon Nov 18 16:23:30 UTC 2002

Hi guys, I'm Ken Steube, a mathematician working in Mike Gribskov's lab.
I've been asked to put some of the PlantsP data up on a MOBY server as
part of one of Mike's grants.

Lately I've been developing re-usable perl objects for PlantsP/PlantsT.
Now they're finished and the SOAP/MOBY project should be a really good use
of the new objects.

It sounds like you're still making low-level design choices for MOBY.
When do you think MOBY will be more stabilized so that you would start
putting up your own MOBY sites?


Ken Steube            steube at sdsc.edu
San Diego Supercomputer Center @ UCSD
San Diego, California             USA

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