[EMBOSS] Merging EMBOSS & -dev mailing list; retiring -announce, -bug, -submit lists?

Peter Cock p.j.a.cock at googlemail.com
Wed Jan 17 11:32:04 UTC 2018

Dear Peter Rice (BCC'd) & the EMBOSS community,

CC: OBF Board

As you may have noticed, the OBF hosted mailman server
was having problems late last year:


With server changes made in January, mailman seems to
be coping for now. However, right now, any non-member
emails received are SILENTLY DISCARDED.

The OBF is looking seriously at moving to a paid hosted
mailman instance to replace our volunteer administered
Amazon hosted mailman server. As part of this, we would
need to consolidate or close many of the existing lists:


Currently there are five EMBOSS lists,

EMBOSS – EMBOSS mailing list (archive)
emboss-announce – EMBOSS Announcements (Releases, etc.) (archive)
emboss-bug – EMBOSS Bug Reports and Support Requests (private archive)
emboss-dev – EMBOSS Development Discussion (Open to all) (archive)
emboss-submit – EMBOSS submissions – new packages and apps (private archive)

If there are no objections, we will close the emboss-dev list,
after migrating its current subscribers to the main emboss list:


We are in the process of similar changes for the other OBF
hosted projects, for example I did Biopython last week:


We would be happy to leave the announcement list running
for now, but it would likely be retired as part of any hosting
migration (likewise for all the other OBF project specific
announcement lists).

The last two lists, emboss-bug and emboss-submit, seem
better suited to an issue tracker and GitHub (separately
we would like to help EMBOSS' move to GitHub).

Thank you,


(Speaking here as a representative of the OBF Board,
although I have been an occasional EMBOSS contributor too)

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