[EMBOSS] dbifasta error "too many parameters"

Lionel (Lee) Brooks 3rd Lionel.Brooks at dartmouth.edu
Wed Jan 5 18:46:08 UTC 2011

Hello Gentlepeople,

I am interested in using regular expressions to search the human genome 
for occurrences of my favorite motif.  I need coordinate values for each 
hit.  I chose the EMBOSS program "dreg" for this task.  I have a set of 
of fasta files; I have one fasta file per human chromosome.  I wish to 
index these files with dbifasta so that I can use the dreg program for 
the regex search.
I use the following command:

me at mycpu$ dbifasta -dbname UCSC_hg19_softmask -idformat simple 
-directory /storage/EMBOSS/Emboss_DB -filenames *.fa -release hg19 -date 
01/04/11 -outfile /storage/EMBOSS/Emboss_DB/logfile.dbifasta

And receive the following error:

Error: Argument 'seq01' : Too many parameters 2/1

...the file that holds the chromosome sequences are named seq00.fa, 
seq01.fa, seq02.fa ... so on.
Any sort of help is greatly appreciated.
Thank you for your time in developing and maintaining this resource!

-Lionel Brooks III
Genetics Grad Student
Dartmouth College

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