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Thank you, including Duleep and David Lapointe for the prompt responses and for describing it in complete detail.  I got what I couldn't find going through REBASE website and looking into EMBOSS' web pages.  Excuse me for my ignorance, where can I find a manual or a good documentation on the EMBOSS package.


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> I have a few questions on EMBOSS restriction analysis and will
> appreciate any ideas or thoughts on these.
> 1. What Rebase file we need to download to get "restrict" working? I
> tried but there are files with different formats.

Go to the /pub/rebase dir on ftp.neb.com.
Download the withrefm.xxx and proto.xxx files
(xxx stands for the version number, just take the latest that's there)
Run rebaseextract -infile withrefm.xxx -protofile proto.xxx
This reformats the neb files for use with emboss. You should now see
4 files embossre.... in the REBASE directory

> 2. Is there a maximum size limit of a nucleotide sequence that I can
> use? Can I use the whole Human genome or at least a full chromosome
> to digest with a particular restriction enzyme?

I'm not sure about the whole genome but I have used it for individual
chromosomes without problems.

> 3. What program can give me the list of all possible fragments
> generated as well? Since I have not seen the output of "restrict",
> perhaps that is already doing that.

You can run restrict with the option -fragments to get them.

Hope this helps,

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